A small growing and flourishing town in jalpaiguri district is our Dhupguri, is surrounded by Mainaguri in the west, Goyerkata in the north, Joteswar  and Falakata in the east and Changrabandha in the south. In the foothills of the Bhutanese Himalayas, the Jaldhaka River flows through the west of the town. The Daina, Gilandi, Duduya, Kumlai, Jhumur, and Bamni are other rivers which flow through the town Siliguri & Jalpaiguri are located at a distance of 80 Kms and 40 Kms. respectively from Dhupguri.

 In Dhupguri, agriculture is the main source of income of the residents. Paddy, jute, betel nut and vegetables are also produced in large quantities in and around Dhupguri. Dhupguri is notable for its cultivation of potato, which is directly exported to states like Bihar, Assam and entire North eastern states of India. In recent years, International trade has also built up in this region.

Dhupguri is connected by rail and roads, such as National Highway 17 (now converted to an Asian Highway from Jaigon on the Indian-Bhutanese border), which runs across the middle of the city. State highways connecting Siliguri-Jalpaiguri and Guwahati also pass Dhupguri.
The Dhupguri railway station (DQG) provides connections to all parts of the country through passenger-train service.

Some of the prominent Tourist spots in Dhupguri are Jalpesh Shiva Temple, Lataguri, Birpara and Madarihat. Other than these, a weekend gateway for the travellers Sonakhali Forest, Gorumara National Park and Jaldapara National Park are near Dhupguri.
A Vidyaashram (a self-sufficient village following the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi) has been founded near Dhupguri by Dhirendra Nath Dasgupta.

The town also has a very rich history in the sporting department, STS Club, Nabajiban Sangha, Dhupguri Football CLub, Dooars Cricket Academy are doing their best to carry forward the sporting legacy of Dhupguri.
There is an organization named Dhupguri Vivekanda Yuva Mahamandal, it holds a class every week named 'PATHACHAKRA' where they discuss about various information of Swami Vivekananda.....
The  Some Famous Residents of Dhupguri:
Amit Kumar De, the renowned poet, lives in this town. He is very popular among the readers for his Bengali rhymes and poems. He portrays the serene beauty of Dooars with his sensitive pen. His published books are as follows: 'Hat Baralam Dharo' (a collection of Bengali Rhymes), 'Brishti Amay Nibi' (a collection of Bengali Poems), 'Ak Sathe Aksho' (collection of 100 rhymes and poems), 'Chhande Chhobite Dooars (a collection of poems and rhymes on Dooars). He wrote dozens of drammas for All India Radio. His compositions are regularly performed by the artists of North Bengal. Some of his popular drammas are: Fire Paoya, Ekushe February, Rehearsal, Pata Oltanor Shabdo, Ekti Kabyik Sakal, Dhansinri Noditir Tire, Shesh Parani Briddhrashram etc.
Bikram Adhikary, a famous writer who written stories in various newspapers and magazines, he is awarded by Doshomik Dhupguri & Central Dooars Press Club for his amazing writings. He written stories in 'Anandamela','Desh','Unish Kuri','Uttarbanga Sambad' etc. His popular stories include 'Na Thakle Ase','Hygenic' etc.

Mr Partha Ghosh, Faculty, Department of physics, Dhupguri High School, is a renowned physicist of the town and the writer of the books A compact guide for physics problems, Basic electromagnetism etc.